• Thai Steam Sauna with Herbs

    Our Sauna with a selection Thai Herbs eases aches & pains and relaxes tight muscles
  • A Great Deep Tissue Massage...

    In need of a good deep tissue massage in Darwin? then you need to go to "The Tiger Room"
  • Thai Beauty & Therapy products

    We now stock a range of quality beauty and therapy products imported direct from Thailand.
  • Try our new body scrub massage

    If your skin is feeling tired and dry then you should try our new body scrub massage
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Services & ProductsWe offer a range of Massage services and quality Thai imported Beauty & Therapeutic products.

Please Note: We do not have electronic paymant facilities. "CASH ONLY", Thankyou

Full Body Massage

Using a combination of traditional and contemporary Thai massage styles we endeavor to relax your tired muscles and remedy where possible any nagging injuries. 

Foot Massage

A Lot of Leg, Lower back & neck pain starts from the feet, we recommend foot massage to anyone with ongoing pain in these areas and it is great in combination with a Full-Body massage.


This is not the typical Swedish variety but a Thai mini Sauna that you sit in.  With the use of specialty herbs, the Sauna alleviates many aches and pains and is s good precursor to massage

Body Scrub Massage (NEW!)

A new offering at the Tiger Room is a body scrub massage.  We use a specially formulated herb and scrub mix to rejuvenate damaged skin and soothe tired muscles

Thai Beauty & Therapy Products

We offer a range of Thai imported Beauty & Therapy products, ranging from Tiger Balm, Herbs, and Body Scrubs through to Hair care and Facial products. Come in to see our range.